Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Weekend Pile

Brie says: You really gonna read all this lady?
So, I've got one on the Kindle, two from the library, one I picked up on a whim at Barnes & Noble in December, a movie to watch, and seven books to fold into hearts for a February book display this weekend.  I'd also like to finish up my book letters and the last sign for my Dr. Seuss kids area.  Think I may have planned a little too much for this weekend.......

This year, since I've found reading on my Kindle to be much speedier/easier than reading a hard copy, I've decided to peruse Overdrive and Hoopla to see what from my physical collection I can get digitally so I can pass the actual books onto other readers.  Currently, I've got The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick checked out from Hoopla so I'm hoping to get to that.

I saw the preview for Ready Player One when we went to see The Last Jedi and thought it looked great but since I'm one of THOSE people who refuses to see the movie unless the book has been read first, I snatched it up when I spotted it at B&N.  Fridays mornings at the library are preschool and tiny tots story time.  I'm fortunate to have a coworker that is absolutely amazing at story time.  Normally she does them both but since she had mandatory training during preschool time, it was my job to fill in. Anyone who has ever done a library story time knows how physically draining it is-all the dancing, jumping around, voices, shooing kids out of things they aren't supposed to touch while keeping the whole show going.  When I got home yesterday it felt like I had been cracked in both knees with a sledge hammer.  So, when I got home all I wanted was a nice good soak in the tub and something to read that wouldn't totally horrify me if it got dropped in the tub or splashed with water by accident.  Grabbed my copy of Ready Player One and off I went-before 20 minutes later the water got cold and I had to get out.  Still it managed to catch my interest in the first 30 pages so I"m going to keep going.

From the library I've got The Half-Drowned King by Linnea Hartsuyker.   I actually saw the second one in the series when I was perusing the Harper Collins catalog.  What is this?  A historical series set in viking times?  And I somehow missed the release of the first one?  I love Bernard Cornwell's Saxon stories and the BBC's Last Kingdom based on them. I've watched all of Vikings up to the current season.  I  HAD TO GET this book.  Also in February is Michigan's Great Michigan Read and it has been mandated that both of our book clubs discuss the chosen book which is X:  by Ilyasah Shabazz and Kekla Magoon.  This is a YA historical covering the early years of the life of Malcolm X.

I'm also excited to see Victoria & Abdul.  Dame Judi Dench as Queen V?  Yes please!  On a side note, am I the only librarian that yells at the hubby if he even looks like he's thinking about renting something from Redbox or On Demand?  Every single time I find myself saying "Why did you waste the money?  I have it on order at the library-for FREE!!!"

Well, guess I better get cracking on that pile.  Have a good (hopefully book-filled) weekend everyone!

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