Tuesday, January 16, 2018

In the Library #1

So one of the things you don't learn in library school-if you work in a public library (especially one that isn't well funded) chances are you or a coworker will have to transform yourself into the poor man's Martha Stewart.  Making decorations for the library and various items for programs is very time consuming but fortunately a lot of fun.  Two years ago I wasn't even aware I had a crafty bone in my entire body.  Here are some of the things that I've made in the past year.


Cardinal/Pine Cone Wreath for over the fire place

snowmen lanterns for winter decorations

Snowflake wreath for above the circulation desk


Hot air balloons and clouds for kids area


Signs for our Jazz Age Murder Mystery

We made light sabers just like these for Star Wars Day.....


Harry Potter Pumpkin
Pigeon Pumpkin

Pete the Cat Pumpkin

Sadly, Pete was punctured and deflated into a gooey smelly puddle a week after I made him...


And finally, last month I did a Dr. Seuss makeover for the kids section of the library I am now managing.

Cat in the Hat wreath

Seuss quote signs for the walls

We also did Truffula trees, the fish in the bowl from the Cat in the Hat and a One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish flower display in a bucket.  I'm still working on one more sign and "READ" book letters featuring Seuss characters.  

Honestly, getting to be creative is one of my favorite things about my job.  Now time to put my thinking cap on and create a plan for the teen area.  Aspiring librarians-if your motto is "With Pinterest and a glue gun anything is possible" librarianship may be the right job for you!

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