Monday, January 30, 2012

A Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon wrap up

This past week I have been chugging through books for the Winter's Respite read-a-thon hosted by Michelle at The True Book Addict. I had such good intentions going into this read-a-thon with four books I wanted to get read.  Well, it did not turn out the way I had hoped.  My plan was to have my two library books (Aztec Blood by Gary Jennings and The Mercy Seller by Brenda Rickman Vantrease) done before the challenge started so I could read the four books on my list.  Unfortunately, reading Aztec Blood took longer than I expected so at the start of the challenge I was only 64 pages into The Mercy Seller.  I did manage to finish The Technologists by Matthew Pearl which was on my list and then I ended picking up one not on the list and nearly finishing it  So, finally tally:

The Mercy Seller by Brenda Rickman Vantrease (p.64-419)

The Technologists by Matthew Pearl (472 pgs)

The Forest Laird by Jack Whyte (pgs. 1-434)

Total Books: 2.5
Total Pages: 1,261

So, not as good as I would have liked but not absolutely terrible.  I had also been planning on participating in  some of the mini-challenges during the read-a-thon but due to having an awful cold (that I'm still fighting-GO AWAY PLAGUE!!!)  I ended up just focusing on the reading instead. Thanks to Michelle for hosting the read-a-thon.  More likely than not I will be signing up for another one in the future and hopefully I will do much better!


  1. Hey, great job, Holly! Two and a half books read and with a cold to boot. Not bad at all. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for joining me. I hope you will consider joining me for my Spring read-a-thon, which I'm hosting at my other blog, Castle Macabre, or my summer one which will be back at The True Book Addict. Be watching for details!

    I hope your cold goes away soon.

  2. I read about 2.5 books too! So, I feel the same...not horrible, but I wish I could have done better. Still, we did it!

  3. Those read-a-thons sound like so much fun. Whether the goal is met or not, it would be a great motivator. But I don't seem able to work one into my schedule. One of these days...
    Hope you're feeling better!