Friday, December 11, 2009

Finishing up some challenges....

I love browsing other blogs and have found many interesting looking books to add to my ever growing to be read pile :) I have also run across a lot of interesting reading challenges that I wish I had run across earlier in the year so that I could actually participate.

This year I participated in a few on Paperbackswap and of course, Arleigh and Lucy's Jean Plaidy Challenge over on

My procrastinator tendencies have, as usual, reared their ugly heads and now here it is almost the end of the year and I still have 6 books to read for challenges plus I want to get a few more Plaidy's in before the end of the year.

For the 2009 Historical Fiction Challenge on PBS:
  1. The Life of Elizabeth I-Alison Weir (reading now)
  2. Murder Most Royal-Jean Plaidy
  3. Mistress of the Art of Death-Ariana Franklin

Also still have to finish the 2009 Reading Challenge on the Games Forum. For this one you make your own challenges and for this one my goals were a) to finish my 101 books in 1,001 days challenge which I did in June b) A-Z Author Challenge and c) to complete one entire series that had more than 5 books (which I did by reading books 3-11 of Plaidy's Queens of England Series.

So for that particular challenge I still have:

  1. Vivaldi's Virgins by Barbara Quick (for letter Q)
  2. The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike (for letter U
  3. The Illuminator by Brenda Rickman-Vantrease (for letter V)

I am so looking forward to 2010 where I have already signed up to do the 2010 Historical Fiction Challenge on PBS, the 2010 Classic Literature Challenge on PBS, the 2010 Reading Challenge on the games forum where my goals for this year are to complete the two aforementioned challenges and to read more books than I did this year, and J. Kaye's 100+ reading challenge which I stumbled on a few days ago (while browsing blogs of course). Plaidy Challenge 2010 will also be added to this list.

If anyone else knows of any other awesome challenges out there please let me know. I'm going to be reading my butt off in 2010 (or more accurately doubling the size of my butt as I sit on it all year long reading).

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  1. Oooh, I think I'll be reading some Jean Plaidy too for the Tudor challenge. Glad to have you on board with that. I'll be very interested to read your reviews on some of these fantastic books.