Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Few More Challenges :)

The Goddess of Reading Challenges must be blessing me because I found two more awesome challenges to participate in. The first is the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge hosted by . There are 4 levels you can choose to participate under, from Curious if you are just dipping your toe in the ocean of wonderful Historical Fiction out there (3 books), to Obsessed for those of us who have been reading it (and loving it!) for awhile (20 books). I am obviously in the obsessed category. If you look at what I’ve read for the past two years, 90% of it is Historical Fiction.

The second of these wonderful challenges is the Tudor Book Challenge hosted by The object of this one is to read books about or inspired by the Tudor Era. This one also has four levels of participation from Commoner to King/Queen. Read a Tudor related novel, post a review, and be eligible for fabulous prizes!
Please check them both out! I am really excited to be participating in all of these challenges this year. I find I always do so much better when I feel like I'm reading towards a goal.

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