Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia at The Printed Page. MM is currently on tour and this month it is being hosted by Library of Clean Reads.

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful President's Day. I had a pretty full mailbox this week- a lot of books I am very excited about. Without further ado....

For Review:
  • The Raven Queen by Jules Watson (check out my review on March 8th!)
  • Elizabeth I by Margaret George (check out my review on May 10th!)

Finds at the UBS:
  • A Vision of Light by Judith Merkle Riley
  • Wheel of Fortune Vol 1 by Susan Howatch
  • The Palace Circle by Rebecca Dean
  • King and Goddess by Judith Tarr
  • House of Illusions by Pauline Gedge
  • Enemy Women by Paulette Jiles
  • The Bristling Wood by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
  • City of Light by Lauren Belfer

From Barnes & Noble:
  • Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson
  • Heresy by S.J Parris
  • Bloodroot by Amy Greene

From PBS:
  • In Pursuit of the Green Lion by Judith Merkle Riley
  • A Blunt Instrument by Georgette Heyer

Just wanted to mention today is my birthday and to celebrate I'm giving away my copy of Exit the Actress by Priya Parmar. Details and review HERE.

That's it for this week. Hope everyone else had a fabulous mailbox!


  1. Gorgeous looking books! Hope you enjoy them....

    Here's MY MONDAY MEMES post.

  2. Wow, you got some great books! I'm on The Raven Queen tour review is on March 11th. I'm so excited to read it! I've had Enemy Women in my library for a while now and I've really been wanting to read it. Maybe I can get to it this year.

    Happy reading!

  3. Lots of good books this week. I liked Major Pettigrew a lot, and I am really looking forward to The Raven Queen.

  4. What a full mailbox this week! The Raven Queen has a nice cover, and sounds like a novel I would love reading. I also like the second one, by Margaret George. Enjoy reading!

    Here's my Mailbox.

  5. A heavy mailbox and I do hope you have a lovely reading week.

  6. Wow! You have tons of awesome reads this week. You're going to be very busy with all those!! You can find my mailbox here if you want to stop by ;)

  7. here's mine

  8. You went on a great shopping spree last week! Enjoy your new books!

  9. Looks like this is the place for historicals! WOW just being here is making me so green with envy. Ohhhhh wow wow wow.

  10. Happy birthday!! These sound like really great books.

    This sounds like an interesting book. My Mailbox Monday is up at Wakela's World.

  11. So many good books! I just read and looooved Major Pettigrew -- I hope you enjoy it -- and I'm so covetous of your Margaret George!!

  12. You had a very busy week. Happy reading and enjoy all those great books.

  13. Oh you got Elizabeth I, so jealous! Heresy sounds interesting.

  14. Love all the hist. fict. I bought the audiobook of Major Pettigrew but haven't listened yet.

  15. Enemy Women was one of my top reads in 2009. Great, great book--once you get past the lack of quotation marks! All three of the books you scored at B&N have been on my wishlist! I'm reading The Raven Queen now and really enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading :)

  16. I have heard great things about Major Pettigrew. Bloodroot looks interesting as well. Happy Birthday! I hope it is a great day!

  17. Great books you have there. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier.

  18. Awesome books this week - I'm jealous. I received a review copy of Elizabeth I - first one I have received that is that big! I just finished reading Major Pettigrew last week for my book club - I loved it and hopefully my review will be up this week! Enjoy all your books!

    My mailbox can be found here.