Despite the glut of Tudor related novels in recent years I can't get enough of reading about them.  If you are a lover of Tudor England, this page contains a list of  over 200 books to help you find your next Tudor fix.  I tried linking each title to a page that either offered a description or at least a review so there would be some idea what the book is about.   For the ones that are missing links, I couldn't find anything. 
* titles indicate these titles have not been released yet.


Reign of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York:

Reign of Henry VIII:

Reign of Edward VI:

Reign of Mary:

Reign of Elizabeth:

Katherine of Aragon:

Anne Boleyn:

 Jane Seymour:

Anne of Cleves:

Catherine Howard:

Catherine Parr:



Have one to add?  Leave the title/author in the comments and I'll add it to the list!


    1. So, I am totally interested in reading about Tudor England. I confess myself clueless in this era but I want to read it. Unfortunately, with over 200 (and counting) to choose from, I'm at a loss on where to start. Any suggestions?

    2. I loved Philippa Gregory's Tudor novels. They're what got me started reading historical fiction. Of all the authors I have listed here out of those I've read my faves are Jean Plaidy and Margaret George. Plaidy can be hit or miss but I really liked The Lady in the Tower (about Anne Boleyn) and Murder Most Royal (about Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard). Didn't like In the Shadow of the Crown (about Mary) so much though. George's Autobiography of Henry VIII was really good but be forewarned all of her books are HUGE! Her new one on Elizabeth I was a good one too.

    3. I absolutely LOVE the Tudor era and reading about them! Sandra Byrd's Ladies in Waiting series is very good and I've just started reading The Boleyn King and am liking it so far. I've never thought of Tudor AU fiction before.

    4. Wow! Thank you! What a list!
      Jessie, I have read a lot of Carolly Erickson starting with Great Harry and have enjoyed her books very much!