Saturday, September 18, 2010

Got the Travelling Bug?

I am a book nerd in the truest sense of the word. If I had unlimited disposable income I would spend all my time travelling to locations in my favorite books so I can experience the places for myself (unless I really end up liking The Divine Comedy once I read it. Hopefully at no point will I ever visit the first two locations in that one....). Anyway, some travel companies have actually designed tours for this purpose and there are a couple that I would love to go on:

1. The Jamie and Claire Tour

There are actually several Outlander themed tours but I liked this one the best of all of them. You get to visit ancient standing stones, a church like the one Jamie and Claire were married in, a house like Lallybroch, the Culloden battlefield and many more and the accommodations look lovely!

2. The Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility Tours

Tour the settings of Jane Austen's novels! This tour company also offers Atonement tours.

These are the two I would most like to go on in my travels as well as the Tudor Treasures tour hosted by historian Alison Weir where she takes you on a historical tour highlighting locations for some of the subjects she has written about. Outlander and Ms. Austen not for you? How about trying one of these:

The Twilight in Tuscany Tour Follow in the footsteps of Edward and Bella while visiting the home of the Volturi and the places the movies were filmed.

The Harry Potter Tour This company offers tours of the locations where HP was filmed and offers tours geared specifically towards teens and adults if you want to enjoy hanging at Hogwarts kid free.

Angels and Demons Tour Follow the path of the Illuminati and visit all the locations in Rome.

I also ran across a literary pub crawl through Ireland, a few Beatrix Potter tour,s and a tour in Atlanta that takes you to Gone with the Wind locations and museums.

Here is one I'd like to see that doesn't exist:

Someone needs to build Oz! I for one would love to tour Munchkin land and Oz and skip down the yellow brick road (but I'm weird like that...).

So see anything here you'd like to go on? How about any tours based on books you'd like to see happen?


  1. I would totally go on a Jamie and Claire tour in Scotland! I know people who have done one of these tours and had a wonderful time.

    I love it when you read a book and just want to be there! Doesn't happen often, but every now and again it does, and it is magic!

  2. Great list! I went to a lot of the Scotland sites on my own after reading Outlander. Scotland is an amazing place, it really did feel magical.

    I would love to see an Oz but it would have to be done really well, like what I've heard about the Harry Potter Wizarding World. It should also include stuff from all the books, not just the movie. Baum was so detailed you could really make a great park from his books.