Thursday, November 5, 2009

REVIEW: Victoria Victorious by Jean Plaidy

This review was originally written on 31 March, 2009

You would think with her taking the throne at such an early age her relatives would have had an easier time manipulating her. Not so. This is one lady who stuck to her guns throughout her entire life. She didn't let her mother or her uncle or any other member of her family push her around. During her reign the powers of the monarchy were much more limited than they had been before but it was still a big job and one she performed admirably well considering that the Government kept changing parties and thus she was forced to change prime ministers more than normal people regularly change their underwear. She was also fortunate enough to find the love of her life and Prince Albert did seem to compliment her rather well. She governed through many difficult periods (Crimean war, Irish potato famine, war between Prussia/Denmark, Russia/turkey etc). On top of all this she also popped out children faster than Ford could make a car pre-assembly line, for a grand total of 9 children, strategically marrying them off and cleverly uniting England to most of Europe. She also suffered the loss of a great many people she loved. What a Lady to have gone through this and with all the dignity and regality expected of a queen.Only thing that got me about the book was it didn't focus too much on the changes in the world but it was supposed to be her story from her point of view so I can see why that would be.

If the FTC is wondering: This book is from my own personal library

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