Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Librarian Life-March So Far.....

This month has been extremely busy for me at work which has meant not so much on the reading front.  I am still slowly progressing through A Dance With Dragons and hope to finish it soon.  What has kept me so busy?  Well, yesterday we launched a seed library at the library branch I manage.  It is the culmination of almost 5 months worth of work and we are the first location in the county to launch one.  I am so excited to offer this to our library patrons and also really proud of the staff at my branch who banded together and worked their butts off
to make this happen.

Also since March is reading month, we've been partnering with the local schools in a variety of ways.  We've hosted multiple classrooms at the library for book talks which means I have read/skimmed over more middle grade books in the past month than I've probably touched since I was that age.  This coming week we have one more class visiting and then we will be at parent teacher conferences issuing library cards.  We are fortunate to have an awesome Friends of the Library group who has agreed to sponsor a pizza party for the class that achieves the largest percentage of library card sign ups this month.  I am continually amazed that our staff of 3 people (of which I am the only full time person), can make all this happen in addition to all of our regularly scheduled programming. 

Books on the TBR I hope to finish this month:

A Dance with Dragons (Have mercy George R.R. Martin with these massive books!)

Secondborn by Amy A. Bartol (discovered this one while doing book ordering for the month)

Authority by Jeff Vandermeer (2nd book in Southern Reach Trilogy. The first was Annihilation which is the movie that just came out starring Natalie Portman-thoughts on the book coming soon...).

Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple (next book club selection)

And a few nerdy librarian books I am reading to see if I want to buy them for us to use at my branch:

  • Adults Just Wanna Have Fun: Programs for Emerging Adults by Audrey Barbakoff
  • The Handbook of Storytime Programs by Judy Freeman
  • 1,000 Fingerplays and Action Rhymes: A Sourcebook by Barbara A. Scott
And now I'm off to tackle some of that pile in addition to the books pictured above which I am reading for the 4th grade class we're doing book talks with this week.  I'll leave you with a few pics of our repurposed card catalog which houses our seed library. :)

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