Monday, March 14, 2016

It's Been a LONG Time!

I have been radio silent on this blog for just about two years now.  Part of my absence was I got burnt out reviewing. Part of it was I started back to school to finish my Bachelor's degree and I was knee deep in the cat rescuing world saving poor helpless kitties by the armload.  Fast forward two years later and.....I'm even more busy than I was then!  BUT I miss blogging so I have decided to give it another go.

Things have changed quite a bit for me in the past two years.  I have changed careers.  I'm working as a Library Assistant/Floating Substitute for my local library system.  I spend my working hours floating between 10 branches, filling in wherever they need me.  I also got accepted into the graduate program for Library and Information Science at Wayne State University so hopefully I'll be running my own branch one day.  A job constantly surrounded by books-can you think of anything better?

On the cat rescue front, I quit the rescue I was toiling away at for the last three years due to several insurmountable disagreements. Myself and my two crazy cat lady friends (we are collectively known as the Sister Wives) are now free agents in the cat rescue world helping all the local rescues wherever we can with donations and attending fund raisers.  After months of this nomadic existence we think we may have found a couple ways to truly make an impact and we are super excited about it (More about this in future posts)!

So what in the world does that mean for this blog now that I've decided to do it again?  Will there still be reviews here?  The answer is yes but they will be pretty informal and only for books I am reading personally.  I have decided not to do reviews for tours or publishers or anything like that here.  My reading tastes have broadened a bit too so it probably will not be all historical fiction like it was previously.

I will still be doing the historical fiction preview pages, the recently released page, and the Tudor book page.  I'm working on updating all of that this week.

The biggest change (besides the site design) will be that this blog will be more of a general purpose blog as opposed to strictly books.  There will be cats (and gratuitous pictures of my dog too), craft projects myself and my fellow Sister Wives are working on and just life in general posts in addition to the books.

I can't wait to dive back in and catch up on all of my favorite blogs.  Sadly there are quite a few I used to follow avidly that are no longer around but I'm looking forward to discovering new blogs too.

So, in short-Hello Again!

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