Saturday, January 18, 2014

For the forseeable future....

I have been absent from this blog in any meaningful capacity for so long I considered not even writing a post explaining why.  I blame cats.  Yes CATS- such as the lovely lady to the left.  They have completely taken over my life.   When I got into the rescue business a year ago my intentions were to help out here and there-maybe devote a couple weekends a month cleaning cages out at Petco.  That is how it started out. Then along came a poor gorgeous  sad looking homeless kitty by the name of Buster who needed a foster or he would be sent back to the pound and I said I'd do it.  He was the first of 42 cats that came through my household in 2013 and went on to find their forever homes.

Now in place of all the reading and reviewing I was doing I am fostering 8 cats at a time in addition to the 5 that are permanent residents here.  The role of chief pooper scooper at Petco has blossomed into running the cat health clinic every week, scheduling them all for spay/neuter, maintaining the rescue's Petfinder page, devoting every Saturday and Sunday to doing adoptions out at Petco and pretty much anything else my fellow crazy cat ladies ask of me.  The thing is despite having less time for pretty much anything else, I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Like many other bloggers there was also the realization that I really missed reading for pure enjoyment. My wish this year is to go through 2014 no strings attached book-wise.  I am closing the door on blogging/reviewing indefinitely but am tucking the key away in a safe place for some time in the future.  I have a feeling I'll be back at some point and of course I'll still be lurking and commenting on my favorite blogs but Maggie (that would be the pretty Torti up top) and I will be bidding you all adieu for now.....


  1. I always said as soon as I were a widow I'd do the rescue stuff for kitties, too! Enjoy it, and we cat lovers thank you for your service!

  2. As a mom of three rescue kitties I salute you. And pleasure reading is better with cats to cuddle anyway isn't it :)

  3. I'll miss seeing your reviews but as a devoted cat lover, am thrilled you're doing so much for rescue cats!

  4. I'll miss reading your blog, but I understand the lure of kitties! Best wishes to you.