Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Short Survey for College Class-Please Respond!

Hey all!

Thank the Gods above I am FINALLY plugging away at my last class before I am done with my Bachelor's Degree.  The class I am taking is a course in Services Management which requires me to come up with a customer satisfaction survey for a company and get responses so I can write a nice long paper on it at the end of the course for my final grade.  In order to do so I must have access to the customers of whatever business I pick and I chose Barnes & Noble because if there is any customer base I have easy access to its readers!

I am asking that anyone who has a few minutes to spare and gets the occasional book or two from Barnes & Noble to PLEASE fill out the short 10 question survey included here.  It doesn't ask for your name so it is completely anonymous and this is for educational purposes only.  The responses will not be shared with anyone.  It is just so I can gather the data I need to write the paper and finally graduate so I can get back to the important things in life-like reading!!!  If anyone can spare a few minutes to fill this out you will have my undying gratitude. 

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