Sunday, April 15, 2012

Houston, reading, and upcoming posts

So it's been a wee bit on the quiet side lately and that is because I packed the clan into the car and made the 17 hour trip to Houston to spend Spring Break with my sister.  You would think that spending 4 of my 9 vacation days in the car would give me plenty of time for reading right?  Well, no.  On the way down there I had something funky going on with my right eye so no reading on the way down.  On the way back I managed to read a little but, being stupid, neglected to drink lots of fluids which lead to me being dehydrated and feeling like poo for the rest of the ride home.

The trip itself was definitely worth it though. We were able to do lots of fun stuff even though I hate driving in Houston.  It is so confusing the way they have the roads set up there and driving is one area where southern manners go right out the window.  Highlights of the trip included:

A day at the beach in Galveston collecting sea shells on the beach while hubby and Boy went swimming.  First time at the ocean!

 A day at the Houston Natural Science Museum where we saw Flying Monsters in 3D at the IMAX, visited the Cockerell Butterfly Center which I love and visit every time I go to Houston and we did the Titanic Special Exhibit they had going on which had several hundred artifacts from the ship.  At the beginning of the exhibit they give you a Titanic boarding pass with the name of a passenger that was on the Titanic and at the end you get to see whether your person survived or went down with the ship (boy and I made it, hubby did not).

We also spent a day at the Aquarium.  The restaurant they have there is fabulous.  You're dining right next to a 55,000 gallon aquarium.  My favorite part of the aquarium is usually the little train they have that takes you on a ride through a tunnel surrounded by an aquarium so you are surrounded by fish, sharks, and stingrays.  Unfortunately the train was broken this time around so we missed out on it.  I do like Shedd's Aquarium in Chicago better but this one is still worth the visit.

After the aquarium visit my sister took us to an exhibition game at Minute Maid Stadium between the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox.  First baseball game for me and the Boy.

We also just spent a couple of days laying around and lounging by the pool and I did manage to sneak away to a Half Price Books.  Houston has several.  The one I wanted to go to is 2 stories but I couldn't remember which one it was so I ended up at a different one that was smaller.  I still ended up with a few book though and I'll be sharing my spoils on Mailbox Monday tomorrow.

Since we've been back I've been playing catch up because now I am behind on everything: the blog, the house work, stuff at work, and the Boy started baseball when we got back so now I have two less evenings to work with to get it all done!

I  updated the upcoming historical fiction novels pages adding 20+ more titles and updating quite a few covers.  April-August and September-February


  • Instruments of Darkness by Imogen Roberston
  • The Book of Madness and Cures by Regina O'Melveny
  • The Sumerton Women by D.L. Bogdan


Tomorrow: Mailbox Monday and my review of the King's Agent by Donna Russo Morin
Friday: Review and giveaway of The Magnificent Ambersons by Booth Tarkington

Now off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.  Hope you enjoy yours too!

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