Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Out with the Old Challenges, In with the New

Final Count for Challenges in 2010/What I'm doing in 2011

Well it has been quite the year for reading challenges! Some I did better than expected while others I didn't even come close. The important thing is that I had a blast trying to complete all the ones I signed up for. Here is how I did for 2010:

The 100+ Reading Challenge hosted by Home Girl's Book Blog challenged participants to read over 100 books for the year. My final count: 83 (4 less than I read last year but still not bad).

The 2010 Historical Fiction Challenge was actually two different challenges I participated in on the Paperbackswap Historical Fiction Forum. Challenge #1 was to read 1 book from each category with 10 categories total. I completed this one. Yay! The other was a historical fiction A-Z challenge. I am working on my last two books for this one and will have it done by the end of this year.

The Books of the Century Challenge consisted of reading books listed on Daniel Immerwahr's Books of the Century website. My goal was 5 and I read 7 which earned me the Popular Literary Culture 101 designation.
This one, originally hosted by Royal Reviews but moved to Alaine's site Queen of Happy Endings, challenged participants to read a certain level of historical novels. I went for the Obsessed level and completed it about 1/2 way through the year.

The Jean Plaidy Challenge hosted by Arleigh and Lucy at Royal Intrigue was one I also did in 2009. Sadly I did not give JP as much love as she deserved this year and only read 3. I'm hoping to read more Plaidy's this year as I really like her books. There's just never enough time!

And up for 2011....

This is the 2011 challenge from the Historical Fiction Forum on PBS. This time its a 4 parter:
  1. The It's About Time Challenge: Read a book in each of 11 specific time periods
  2. It's a Small World: 1 Book from each continent (except Antarctica)
  3. Up to You: Read a book for 8 out of the 12 proposed categories
  4. Its All Relative: Read 6 books that are somehow related

Then of course there is my Chivalrous Deeds Challenge. Feel free to go gallivanting through history with me visiting royal courts.

Adam @ Roof Beam Reader is hosting the 2001 Books To Be Read Challenge. The goal here is to read 12 books from the teetering TBR. This is the type of challenge I need to do as my house is slowly being taken over by books.

Charlie @ Bitsy Bling Books is hosting the Tour de Genre Challenge which focuses on the sub-genres of historical fiction. Complete a tour by completing a certain # of categories. I hope to complete many tours on this one.
And the last challenge I'll be doing for 2011:

Taylor @ All Things Historical Fiction is hosting the Georgette Heyer Reading Challenge. I have 75% of GH's books and haven't read a one of them. What better motivation than a challenge? The minimum goal is 3. I think I can do that.
And that is it! How did everyone do on their challenges for 2010 and what are you doing for 2011? Hope everyone has a blast trying to complete their challenges. I know I will! :)


  1. Hello, Holly -- No matter how many challenges we complete or don't complete, it's all good and wonderful as we make time in our busy schedules for reading! Congrats on what you were able to accomplish this year, and good luck with your 2011 challenges.

    I've also signed up for GH challenge, and I've also joined the Royal Mistress Challenge at Miss Moppet's and the Historical Romance challenge at Paperback Romance Junkies. I've also planned to begin the Plantagenet series by Jean Plaidy and want to get through as many Elizabeth Chadwick books as I can. Whew! I'd better get started reading now!

    Good luck!

  2. What a wonderful list of challenges! I might have to join the Georgette Heyer challenge since I won 4 of her books from a giveaway and I have yet to read them!