Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Spoils Part I

I kind of dread the present giving/receiving aspect of Christmas given the consensus of the entire family is that I have way too many books and what could I possibly want with more? I spend the days leading up to Christmas conjuring up images of ugly pastel yellow sweaters of yore with a shudder and prepare for the worst. Well the worst didn't come this year because they had no idea what to give me so I got $ which translated into...BOOKS! YAY!

Now as I mentioned in my review of His Majesty's Dragon, I ordered the next two books in the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik from PBS. They are:

  • Throne of Jade
  • The Black Powder War

Then I moseyed on over to the Barnes & Noble Website and ordered:

  • Whiskey Rebels by David Liss
  • The King's Daughter by Barbara Kyle
  • All the Queen's Players by Jane Feather

Then I skipped on over to Bookcloseouts and found:
  • Splendor (Luxe Bk 4) by Anna Godbersen
  • Unicorn's Blood by Patricia Finney
  • Thomas Cromwell by Robert Hutchinson
  • Vagrants by Yiyun Li
  • Tears of Pearl (Lady Emily Bk 4) by Tasha Alexander
  • The Red Velvet Turnshoe by Cassandra Clark
  • The Miracles of Prato by Laurie Albanese and Laura Morowitz
  • The Last Concubine by Lesley Downer
  • The Lady Queen by Nancy Goldstone
  • The Heretic's Wife by Brenda Rickman Vantrease
  • Envy (Luxe Bk 3) by Anna Godbersen
  • Dragonlight (Dragon Keepers Chronicles Bk 5) by Donita K. Paul
  • Land of Marvels by Barry Unsworth

That's 16 books (plus the 2 from PBS) for $77! I love after Christmas deals! Hope everyone else got plenty of books in their stockings! I still have $ left so I will be probably be taking a trip out to B&N sometime this weekend for some shopping and quiet time so stay tuned from Christmas spoils part 2. :)


  1. Wow, that's lot of books! I got The Lady Queen by Nancy Goldstone too. I've read The Last Concubine and liked it. Enjoy :)

  2. Nice! I don't get books or cash, so I am jealous!

  3. You got some awesome books there Holly! I've read a few and have a few more on my tbr pile! Enjoy your new reads and I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  4. I didn't know about Book Closeouts! Cool site! I hope you enjoy your books -- some of them I have on my shelf!