Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shelf Share Thursday

Welcome to Shelf Share Thursday. This is the place to give a little love to those books that have been sitting on your shelf for awhile. Maybe you'll find a good one or maybe you'll find a few books that have a better use-like finding the address of the people who deliver the phone books and then dropping your unwanted books at their house. We’ll see how they like it for a change! Each week I will post a letter of the alphabet and three books corresponding to that letter. Feel free to play along with me and share your shelf. Just use Mr. Linky at the bottom of the post. This week’s letter is K.

is for....

The King's Grace by Anne Easter Smith

From Amazon:

"Grace Plantagenet was half sister of the famous young princes, who -- when this story begins in 1485 -- had been housed in the Tower by their uncle, Richard III, and are presumed dead. But in the 1490s, a young man appears at the courts of Europe claiming to be Richard, duke of York, the younger of the boys, and seeking to claim his rightful throne from England's first Tudor king, Henry VII. But is this man who he says he is? Or is he Perkin Warbeck, a puppet of Margaret of York, duchess of Burgundy, who is determined to regain the crown for her York family? Grace Plantagenet finds herself in the midst of one of English history's greatest mysteries. If she can discover the fate of the princes and the true identity of Perkin Warbeck, perhaps she will find her own place in her family."

In 2008 I read A Rose for the Crown by this author and I really enjoyed it except for a few quirks the main character had that drove me absolutely batty. I've been meaning to read another by her for awhile now but as usual the two main reasons that have stopped me from reading most the books here on shelf share thursday apply here also-this is one among many that I haven't had time to get to yet and its a rather large book. Still I do plan to read it someday.

K is also for...

Kim by Rudyard Kipling

From Amazon:

"When his father, a soldier stationed in India, dies suddenly, young Kimball O'Hara is left to fend for himself on the streets of Lahore. A proper English lad, Kim is plunged into an exotic and unfamiliar world of crowded bazaars and noisy markets, gilded temples, sahibs and fakirs, beggars, whirling dervishes, soldiers, and spies. Forced to live hand-to-mouth, Kim must rely on his cunning and wit to survive.But his life takes a curious twist when he meets a holy man, a lama, who is about to embark on a very mysterious quest: a pilgrimage that will take him across the vast continent, across mighty rivers and up the majestic Himalayas. He wants Kim to accompany him.But where will the journey lead? For Kim, all roads lead to adventure!"

I admit I'm an optimist when it comes to book. When someone tells me a book is absolutely awful it usually does the opposite of what they intend and piques my interest. There is that little part of me that pipes up and says "It can't really be that bad, can it?" I wish that little voice would stick a sock in it so I don't end up buying bad books. For this one everyone I know that has read it has said not good, don't bother. However, evil annoying voice in head convinced me to buy it so now I will have to read it at some point. At least it got decent reviews on Amazon...

and finally K is for....

The Known World by Edward P. Jones

From Amazon:

"The Known World tells the story of Henry Townsend, a black farmer and former slave who falls under the tutelage of William Robbins, the most powerful man in Manchester County, Virginia. Making certain he never circumvents the law, Townsend runs his affairs with unusual discipline. But when death takes him unexpectedly, his widow, Caldonia, can't uphold the estate's order, and chaos ensues. Jones has woven a footnote of history into an epic that takes an unflinching look at slavery in all its moral complexities."

This book looks fantastic and it won a Pulitzer! I am sure I will read this before the year is out, I just don't know when. I've had it for If it is anywhere near as good as Lawrence Hill's Someone Knows my Name I'm sure I'll love it.

And that is it for me this week. What's on your shelf?

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  1. I really liked A Rose for the Crown, but despite owning two more of her books I have never read them!