Monday, February 15, 2010

Switching to Mailbox Mondays-Its a Big One!

I have decided that instead of doing a weekly acquisitions post on tuesdays, I'm just going to do Mailbox mondays a meme which is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.

Because I would have a heck of a time keeping track of everything coming to me otherwise, I am also including what is or will be on it's way to me this week but hasn't made it here yet.

I had another fantastic week for books thanks to a trip to the used bookstore. I hit a goldmine there especially with novels by the incomparable Georgette Heyer. Joining my collection this week are:

From PBS:
  • The Queen's Governess by Karen Harper
  • Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh
  • Oliver Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout
  • The Inquisitor by Catherine Jinks

From Mystery House Book Shoppe (one of my favorite local UBS's)
  • People of the Wolf by Kathleen O'Neal and W. Michael Gear
  • Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer
  • Behold, Here's Poison by Georgette Heyer
  • The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer
  • Charity Girl by Georgette Heyer
  • A Civil Contract by Georgette Heyer
  • The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer
  • The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer
  • Cousin Kate by Georgette Heyer
  • Faro's Daughter by Georgette Heyer
  • Frederica by Georgette Heyer
  • The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer
  • An Infamous Army by Georgette Heyer
  • The Nonesuch by Georgette Heyer
  • Powder and Patch by Georgette Heyer
  • Royal Escape by Georgette Heyer
  • Simon the Coldheart by Georgette Heyer
  • Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer
  • Sylvester, or the Wicked Uncle by Georgette Heyer
  • Esther by Norah Lofts
  • The Lost Queen by Norah Lofts
  • The Lute Player by Norah Lofts

And won from a giveaway hosted by Marie at The Burton Review:

  • Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware

Someday I hope to have my own personal library with wall to wall books. I think I have a good start already :)


  1. First, I love the name of your blog :D
    Looks like you hit the jackpot this week. Enjoy all your new books!!!

  2. Great mailbox! I see many books that I would love to read! Enjoy them all!

  3. Are there any Heyers left in the store? Glad you got so many to enjoy!
    have a great week and happy reading.

  4. I might have left a few Heyers there :) Hauls like that are exactly why I only go to the UBS's about once every 3 months....

  5. I am so jealous of all those Heyer books!!!! I think you're well on your way to having them wall to wall!!!