Saturday, February 20, 2010


I decided to join this century and open a twitter account. I deliberated for quite awhile and chose the name bibliotaphe. The definition of bibliotaphe is a person who hoards or caches books. See the images below for why this is a good one for me:

This little dresser sits in the corner of my personal "library". It contains my non-fiction history books that I actually plan on keeping and the books I am planning to read in the next month.

This picture is of the bookshelf in the corner across from the dresser. The top 2 shelves are double stacked with books. The box on the floor next to the shelf is the stuff I've read that I have posted on PBS.

This is my computer desk. Unfortunately in its present state I cannot possibly fit a computer on it......

A better shot of the top of the "computer" desk since it got cut off in the other photo.

This is the top 3 shelves of my humongo shelf. The dimensions on this bad boy are 8 ft tall and 4 ft wide with 15 inches in between each shelf. Hubby is building me the twin to this one for my birthday.

This is the bottom half of it.
Does having all this mess shoved into this one little room stop me from buying more books? Of course not! I could quit my job and read full time in the hopes that eventually I'll make a dent but I think the hubby might have a problem with that. And finally the last photo:

I turn the big 2-8 tomorrow and these are the presents I brought back from Barnes & Noble with my birthday money (plus 4 I got in the mail this weekend).
I think I have a serious addiction going on here.....
Time to go put the new purchases away. Now where exactly? Hmm. Guess I'll have to ponder that one a minute.

G'Night :)


  1. I'd say the twitter name suits you (and probably the rest of us bloggers). Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm a new follower and I love all the pics of the books you hoard! Looks like my house!